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Security Strategy

An Intrusion Prevention Service (short: IPS) is an important security component in any company's defense in-depth strategy for securing their servers and data.

Intrusion Prevention


Our Cloud IPS is scalable to grow with your needs and is able to secure any number of servers.

IPS centralised

Higher Uptime

Helps prevent business disruption and loss of productivity by providing protection from known and unknown vulnerabilities on your server.

Server Uptime increase

Preventive protection

Typical known attack patterns are detected and punished immediately. And with our cloud you be protected in advance.

lock attackers

Secure and Protect your Servers

With our scalable cloud IPS solution, you can actively and preventively protect any number of servers from attacks.
White Lists, IP Unlocks or Manual Locks - all this is easily managed centrally from the Dashboard.

Increase your Server Security with our Cloud Based Intrusion Prevention!

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