Cloud-IPS | The Easiest Way to Protect Servers

With our scalable Cloud-IPS solution, you can easily secure any number of servers from attacks.
Our Cloud-IPS is easy to install at your servers and much easier to manage from our dashboard. For your and our security, all data traffic between your server and the Cloud IPS is encrypted at any time.
If the Cloud-IPS Daemon detects a attack on a server, we immediately secures the affected server against further attack attempts and in addition, your other servers are also secured against this attacker. The biggest advantage of our Cloud-IPS is, that it also allows you to anticipate from attacks against server of other Cloud-IPS user and your servers are secured in advance.

Increase your Server Security with our Cloud Based Intrusion Prevention!

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With just a few clicks, you can setup up to 5 of your Servers for free and be protected immediately by our Cloud-IPS.

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Cloud-IPS Features

Intrusion Prevention

Prevent intrusion into your servers and therefore secure your data and assets.
Protects servers from the first moment and is adaptable to any server service.

Intrusion Prevention


Protects any number of servers and continues to be active even on failure of the central database. Each server can at any time become the central system.
Automatically synchronizes connected systems as they become accessible.

IPS centralised

Increase Uptime

Increases system availability and productivity through the automatic exclusion of interferers. Zero-day vulnerabilities results not immediately to the threat.

Server Uptime increase

Stops unknown threats

Typical attack patterns are detected and punished immediately. High protection against botnets and DOS attacks.

lock attackers

Easy to Use

Our user interface makes it easy to manage your assigned servers. With just some clicks you can lock or unlock IP's from your network and a private whitelist gives your own IP's evrytime access.

Simple cloud management interface

Low CPU Load

You do not need to be afraid that your server load will increase. Our Cloud IPS client software requires only a few resources and is also able to run on small or VPS servers.

Cloud-IPS client have a low CPU load

Encrypted Traffic

All network traffic between the client and the IPS Cloud is encrypted. In addition, the port on which the client runs can be customized.

Network traffic is encrypted

Activity Statistics

Statistics on attacks and blocked addresses can be accessed at any time via the dashboard. If required, Cloud-IPS statistics can also be sent by email.

Cloud-IPS statistics for attacks and blocks


Comprehensive security

Our intrusion prevention system is based on proven methods and applications and makes it simple to use and operate.

Shielding vulnerabilities

Preventive protection against exploits and zero-day vulnerabilities. Administrators gain more time to install system updates and test them.

Low cost

There is no additional hardware required, which limits the number of possible servers. The existing servers take over the defense of the attackers themselves.

Cloud-IPS System Requirements

There are just a few things you require to be connected with our Cloud-IPS solution and be much better secured against attacks than ever before.
What you need is described in the Cloud-IPS documentation.

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